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This SERIOUSLY happened.

August 3, 2012

OK – the fact that I almost had a notsominorfreakout about the below information would make anyone in their right mind laugh. But what makes it even more funny is that Bostjan Macek and I probably have more in common than you think – I mean we are the same height!

While I spent 5 minutes searching for the error of my ways (because clearly what else could have gone wrong!), I literally laugh out loud when I found my mistake. I thought I was supposed to put female somewhere but I couldn’t find that information either. Can you find it before reading below?

Thanks to the whole world minus the US using Kilograms for weight, I may or may not have stated that I weighed 265 pounds. Then Bostjan, you really would be my soul mate (minus my complete disinterest in Men’s Trap).

The truth lies below…and no, I’m not a soccer player either!

Oh, funny. Have a great weekend!

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