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Good Mood Mondays

July 31, 2012

Ahh Mondays. Through sheer exhaustion, I still managed to be in a great mood all day. Here’s why!

1. Sleeping in. Oh, how I love sleep. This weekend created quite the lack of sleep for me. With an average of 5 hours a night, I was exhausted coming back to New York. Actually, I am still exhausted. But it is almost time to catch up…

2. Vineyards and wine. We went wine tasting this weekend at a few vineyards in Michigan. We were able to try some amazing Michigan wines and see beautiful Michigan views. (Yes, Michigan is beautiful even though there are block “M’s” on every state route.)

3. Bachelorette Parties. Miken’s bachelorette party was this weekend (obviously in Michigan). We stayed at a quaint cottage on the lake and did our best to relax. While the wine may have interrupted that attempt, it was still one of the best weekends of the summer. A full weekend of just girls and giggles. Nothing better.

4. Push-ups. The bridesmaids made a deal – 50 push-ups by the wedding. (What?!) Yes, I think this was my idea. And I think on the wedding day we have to do them in front of each other. I started tonight. I did 20 “girl” push-ups. Hm. Let’s get to 50 “man” push-ups!!

5. Patchouli. My mom and I introduced the patchouli oil that I bought in Woodstock to the girls this weekend and Jenna fell in love! So much so that the whole cabin was saturated in the scent. I was not complaining – I love that smell!

6. Searching for iPhone cases. So daunting because I want the right one! I don’t know why I am so indecisive. Can you help me? Which do you like out of these five?

Vintage Camera iPhone Case

Oh, The Places We'll Go... iPhone Case

Caviar Dreams iPhone Case

Flight iPhone Case

Home iPhone Case

7. Writing. I feel bad I have not written since last Wednesday. I really missed it. But writing this is putting me in a good mood.

8. The Olympics. I was sad to miss the Opening Ceremonies, however, I did get to watch a bit of swimming, diving, and gymnastics last night. One thing I don’t understand, am I the only one who thinks the Olympic coverage is incredibly biased towards the USA? I mean, I’m all team USA but I want to know the gold medalists too! Ah, maybe I am crazy.

9. French. I remember very little from high school french but I see a Paris trip in my future so I better study up!

Au revoir!


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  1. Barb Shellhammer permalink
    July 31, 2012 1:06 am

    How did I miss the conversation on Paris?

  2. September 23, 2012 11:55 pm

    3rd from the top =)


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