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Flavor | Colonie, Brooklyn Heights

July 19, 2012

This past weekend, Josh decided to try something new by venturing out of Manhattan. I was beyond ecstatic about his decision – he could have taken me to the biggest, sketch-i-est dump in Brooklyn and I would have been happy just to be there! Ahh, Brooklyn, how you draw me in. Did you know when I first made the decision to move to Manhattan and didn’t think I would live with Josh, I dreamed of living in Brooklyn? I still do, to be honest. But I don’t think Josh would go for it – it can be a pretty far commute if you don’t find the right place.

Anyways. He picked a restaurant called Colonie. Lord knows how he found this place but my mouth was loving it! When I walked in, my eyes were immediately drawn to the ceiling – old, rustic wood planks unevenly lined above me. Which subsequently drew me down to the red, brick walls with iron lighting details all around. Not to mention the beautiful bar that looked as if it belonged in an Anthropologie magazine, not Brooklyn Heights. The low lighting mixed with natural, open light created an ambiance of what little country New York has to offer. We were a little off-set by the gas station across the street, but I had my glass of Tempranillo, I was 100% focused on Colonie and not the outside world. (That was my first taste of Tempranillo. Have you ever had it? I fell in love with this red wine!)

Once seated, it was clear based on every one else’s plates we were in for a treat. We asked questions about the crostani’s and the cheese’s to try to pick the best ones for us. I finally figured out what my favoritefavoritefavorite food is. Can you guess? Cheese!! (Weird?) Well, we ordered three of the smoothest cheeses I have ever tried and they came with crisp flatbread with fresh herbs. But then the crostani came…with ricotta…and honey. OHMYGOSH. Possible the best bite of food I’ve ever had. (I could probably replicate and may try this weekend – I’ll letchya know.) Because it was sweet, it was a little dessert-ish but who says you can’t have dessert before dinner? Not me! For dinner, I snatched the tilefish because I just love fish and Josh got the pork chop because that is all he every orders. Do I even need to say we both loved our food? We even had Cabernet Franc out of a tap that was distributed from a local winery. It really was just fantastic. Oh, and, our waitress was amazing so what else could you want?

I already want to go back. Colonie may have made our “list” (restaurants we have in circulation for when we have visitors). I can’t wait to venture to Brooklyn again to try some more amazing restaurants.




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