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Summer of Love | Woodstock

July 18, 2012

It’s funny how it happens. All of the sudden you look down the 44 floors towards Bryant Park in the middle of the weekday and there is no one there. Empty chairs scattered across the lawn left there by those who would normally, before this week, have been sitting there eating their Chipotle and Cosi. But not this month. It’s what New Yorkers call the mass exodus. The month of July is when you find frequent Out of Offices, every New Yorker leaving the sweltering city for some air, anything they can breathe deep. I’m not different. I was ready to get the hell out of this month-long heat wave too. So we did. We did a little research, found an adorable “little” house to rent for the weekend, packed up and were on our way before 5:00 pm on Friday.

About 2 hours north of the city, there is the quaint area of upstate called the Catskills. It is to my understanding that once you set foot here, you fall in love. The town is called Woodstock. Heard of it? While it’s not the same as the pictures (and technically not even the same town that the concert took place), the free-lovin’, hippie feeling is still very much alive.



While Colgate Lake was not exactly what we pictured, somehow we ended up hanging out there for hours enjoying the peace.



Each meal was cooked by a different couple. Bill and Aaiza had Friday night (and Saturday morning), Aaron and Kim had Saturday night and Josh and I had Sunday morning. Oh, everything was so delicious!


We played charades. Yes, the girls kicked ass.



The house we rented was amazing. It was isolated, quiet, and had just the most amazing views of the Catskills. And that kitchen! It’s a cooks dream to have everything you need right at your finger tips.

(PS: The entire weekend including cars, meals, and place cost the total of $250 per person. Steal!)


Oh, how I wish I could go back.

Are there any other places we should try this summer that are relatively close and inexpensive? I love these weekend getaways. (Please, keep me away from the beach!)


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