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Oh, the sweet smell of…garbage?

June 28, 2012

I’m not sure if you know, but someone made a mistake when building New York. They forgot something really important…Alleyways.

I’m not blaming the founders of the city or the builders after the industrial revolution. Well actually, I think I am. Because why are there NO alleys!? Perhaps they thought “We don’t need those dark places for women to get lost and hurt,” or, “We need all the space we can get – it’s getting crowded here!” or, “What are we going to do with alleys anyways?” Well, regardless of what they were thinking, I believe they made the wrong decision.

While I agree that alleys are unsafe havens lurking with mystery, they are good for one thing. And this one thing could put a positive spin on the doubters of New York City. It’s not the crowds or Times Square or big buildings that irks people about this place. It’s the GARBAGE!

There is garbage lining almost every street in the city on any given day. Because of the lack of alleys, there is no where else to put it. It just sits there, in the heat and the humidity leaking down the sidewalks smelling like death. The insanity! Garbage on the street!

Our friend, Andrea, was in town for work and stopped by to see our apartment last night. She interned in the city and was explaining the things that she missed. She mentioned she missed the smell of garbage and I laughed (I couldn’t help it!). Why ever would you miss that smell, especially in the summer? I dared to ask. And she had a different answer than I expected. She said it was nostalgia – the smell of New York.

I believe I just told all of you that New York smells like garbage but that was not my intention. She was right, the garbage adds character to the taxi lined streets. Something you won’t get anywhere else in the world.

And don’t worry, it’s only out on our street once a week.


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