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Father’s Day

June 18, 2012

Happy Father’s Day!

While it is a day late, I do want to wish everyone a happy fathers day and to brag a bit about my own dad, Robin. [Because he is the best.]

 No really, he is the best. I’ll give you ten reasons. [But there are many more!]

1. He can always solve a problem. For some reason, Rob can solve anything. Most of my calls to him require a problem to be solved. Our conversations go mostly like this –

Me: Dad, how do I get these knobs in the wall?
Rob: Why are you putting knobs in the wall, Al?
Me: Because it looks cool.
Dad: Use an anchor.
Me: Oh, duh. [I then google “anchor” so I know what the hell he is talking about.]

Me (freshman year): Dad, why did this jerk screw me over?
Dad: Guys don’t always think.
Me (in tears): But he kissed another girl!!
Dad: Well, Al, guys are like shoes. Sometimes they need to try on different types before they find the right one.
Me: That makes sense. [All better – that guy was the wrong size.]

Me: Dad, Josh works all the time!
Dad: Get over it.

2. He likes straight lines. You may find this odd but it came in handy for two very important reasons throughout high school. 1.) When my sister had to create a replica of the Arc de Triomphe for French, Rob hopped on that project instantly. He was beyond precise with his lines and the arch and the scale (he’s an engineer) and beyond pissed when he got a B+ on the project because it wasn’t “to scale”. Ha. 2.) Guess who was never “allowed” to mow the grass because of the assumption I could not drive in a straight line? This girl. I never had to mow (or paint)!! Thanks Dad!

3. DIY kind of guy! When I moved into college, Rob did everything to set up my dorm room. (Barb decorated with me). And the same thing happened when he drove all of my stuff from Ohio to New York City just to spend a week in my 650 sq. feet setting up my new home. He endured hours of IKEA, parking tickets, and the dreading settingupIKEAfurniture. What a trooper!

4. My sister’s wedding. Planning a wedding is not easy and this one is truly putting Rob to the test. He has been faced with the daunting task of building the dance floor. From scratch. For a barn. But he is all for it! When I called yesterday to wish him a happy father’s day (since I did not send a card like a good daughter), he was just hanging out at the Anderson’s brainstorming about cost efficient ways to build this floor. (Any suggestions appreciated.) I hope he’s this helpful if I ever get married.

5. My nephews. He may love these two boys more than me. I’m fine with that. The boys love him more than any of us too! There are constant one liners about Papa that make me giggle when I hear the stories. When my dad got a little heated about something or another, Frey crawls in his mamas arms and says “What happened to that man?” in true two-year old fashion. (Rob doesn’t show anger in front of the kids.) Frey also likes to help his papa fly kites:

6. Put me in coach! Rob coached every one of our softball, basketball, baseball, and football teams growing up. Four kids – and we were all coached by him at some point. I still say he was my favorite coach.

7. Date nights with mom. My parents still go on dates, like all the time. After 30 years of marriage, they still enjoy each others company (most of the time). They will just drive to Port Clinton for some wine or had up to Michigan to enjoy the sand dunes on a whim. How fun!

8. Spontaneity. I mean, obviously with #7, you have to love this about Dad. He loves to just do. Get in the car and drive, take a walk, fly a kite. It doesn’t matter – he just does it. Rarely a planner (unlike me). So jealous.

9. Corny to the bone. “It’s hotter than a fire cracker out here!” I still think this is why Frey’s first word was “hot”. Dad says the silliest things all the time.

10. His heart. My dad has had his problems with his heart since I was 10 (I think) so obviously it has always been a worry when he shovels snow or works too hard in the yard. But really, he’s doing those things because of his massive heart. Making sure my mom is happy, and we are happy all the time. That’s all he’s ever done – and that’s all we could ever ask for. We are pretty damn lucky to have him.

This man has my heart!

Me: Dad, I am making you brownies for Father’s Day.
Dad: Good, then you are sending them my way?
Me: No, silly, then I am eating them. 
Dad: Bad idea, Al.

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  1. Barb Shellhammer permalink
    June 20, 2012 2:40 am

    I thought this blog was suppose to make me miss you less…instead I miss you more : )


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