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It’s Friday!

June 8, 2012

Thank the LORD it is Friday. It has been just a dreadful week. Not really, I simply feel like my mind has not stopped jumping since Monday. The last few weeks at work have been incredibly busy (good thing I love my job) and I feel like I have not spoken to any of my family. Which is terrible because Whit and I have a bachelorette party to plan in less than two months and my mom just finished up school for the year. Feeling like a terrible daughter.

At least I got to see pictures of my boys everyday. They make me feel a little more connected to Ohio. They should just come visit, don’t you think? They would love this city. I could see it now…Frey sitting in the subway station staring at trains all day and Finn smiling at his brother, silently thinking, “You idiot, there are so many more cool things that don’t smell above ground.” If only Finn could talk…

He’d be right. The subways are starting to seep with the stench of summer underground. It’s a ghastly smell that hits you on the first step down.

Oh, how I miss those blue-eyed boys. And my sisters. And my momma. And dad. And Zach.

Good thing I have a little bit of home coming to visit this weekend. Josh’s parents have officially landed in the city and it is time to take them on my “infamous” tour.

Miken’s Tour of the City

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