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Summer HEAT

June 1, 2012
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It is hot in this city. It’s only June and it’s already unbearable. I think I almost melted on a sidewalk this week. OK – a little dramatic? Yes, considering it really is only 80 degrees, it’s not that bad but it just worries me of what is to come in July and August. But for now, we go on. We walk the streets in flip-flops on the way to work, try to dress light enough so you don’t sweat outside but heavy enough to you are warm inside because all office buildings like to blast the AC. I blame men for this. Ugh, you probably think I hate summer!

No, I don’t hate summer. On the other hand, global warming, if there is such a thing, I do hate. New York City when it captures the heat and humidity and drowns the millions of people in it, yup, hate that too. But not summer. And not warmth. So I am happy the Sun has decided to show its face to us – I missed you, Sun.

The sun shines down 42nd Street in New York City at sunset during "Manhattanhenge," May 30, 2011. Photographer: Xinhua News Agency/eyevine/Redux

“Manhattanhenge” takes place twice a year when the sun sets perfectly align with all of the streets in New York. This image is from BloombergBusinessweek

As spring gets whisked away and summer begins, there tends to be a million more things to do. When I began my job in this winter, I knew I would have more time on my hands than I have had in the past 5 years. In college I focused on “getting involved” and being an “active leader in the community” which actually worked out to my benefit in the long run. So I decided to give it a try again. I signed up with this awesome site called NYC Service.Every city should have a place like this. Any and every volunteer opportunity you can think of is listed here with all of the correct contact information.

So, of course, I found something I knew I would love. It was a to be a part of the event planning committee for AIDS Service Center of New York City (ASC NYC). When I was in college, I took part in the Alternative Spring Break Program where a group of pretty awesome people volunteered for 7 days instead of go on a typical “spring break in Panama”. We came to New York to help plan the annual AIDS Walk for the Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center (GMHC) and I absolutely fell in love with the AIDS/HIV community. While I was not truly “in-the-know” with the epidemic in the late 80s and 90s, I have watched RENT so I think that helps. (I can sing Season’s of Love, Light My Candle, Out Tonight, La Vie Boheme and everything in between if you ask me…)  Regardless, while there have been tremendous strides in the treatment of HIV, there is still no cure. But money must continue to be raised to push the progress.

Alternative Spring Break Crew in New York City

Alternative Spring Break Crew in New York City

So being a part of this committee truly was perfect. The first day I walked in, I knew I had found the right group. Everyone was welcoming and open to new ideas and from them, I have learned so much about this city and life. When I am having a bad day, I know that most of the people who walk through the doors at ASC NYC have it worse. But they go on. And it’s wonderful.

And ironically (or not so ironic really) the event we have been working on is called HEAT. Perfect timing for summer. Next Thursday night, there will be an entire OPEN bar ready to have fun, promote safe sex, and promote testing here in the City. And of course, why not have it at the Griffin? (Been there.)

So New York City stumblers reading this right now, buy your tickets here and come have an open bar for a good cause! Get ready for some summer HEAT!

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