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Kick Ballin Thursday: Win/Lose

May 29, 2012

It was pouring outside all day. From my window at work, I could not see two feet beyond the building. (And typically, this view is spectacular.) Erie, really, how scary it was. When you are 44 floors above the city, you should be able to see as far as Ohio. But not this day.

Naturally, we believed the game would be cancelled. As the hours ticked by, we began to realize that kickball was a rain or shine kind of thing. We headed down to Boss Tweeds for a warm up before the game. Since there was a lot riding on the game, no one ordered too much to drink. Essentially, we had to win or risk losing a spot in the play offs. Oh, the tragedy. Especially because, as I told you last week, the team we were playing has won lost every game this season.

And the game went as expected. It was pouring on the walk there, the rain lighted with our moods as we tore up the court. I even tried to kick it really hard a few times, just to see what would happen. (They were caught.) But it was good practice. We won by 9 or 10 or 11…a lot. It was like one of those brutal mercy rules where you want to just end the game but it’s so much fun to not have to stress about losing so you want to stay. So after kicking around the line-up every inning, it was time to go celebrate us being in the running for the championship and being a high seed.

Later at Libation, while we were all calm and collected chatting about the season, horseplay ensued. I may have been tripped by a person, stumbled over a table in an act of trying to save myself, and fell directly on a wood box – the whole right side of my body going numb. I was down for the count. I hit my right temple/ear, my right shoulder, forearm and hand. Tears were streaming down my face – but mostly because I was embarrassed and laughing so hard. This was not my fault. But my arm was swelling and my head was pounding bringing the end to another great night.

So after we got our crepes (obviously, banana and Nutella) I walked home in pain. But I still believe it was totally worth it. Another fun kickball night and it depresses me thinking that if we lose on Thursday, I’ll have to go an entire summer without this sport and these people!

Pray for a win!

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