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Kick Ballin’ Thursday

May 14, 2012

Let’s talk comebacks. After a gruesome game last week, where the score dictated a win in the other teams favor, we decided to come back this week and actually play instead of going through the motions. With that being said, we probably were playing against one of the best teams in the league. (Did I mention were on in the Varsity League? No? Oh, well, we are in the Varsity League.) With a team name like “9th Graders” and wearing all red, we could tell right away they could play. Not long after we spotted their athletic builds and intense calves, we also found out that their star third baseman was a vacuum on the field. The only advantage we had going for us is that, for the first time this season, we were the home team.

Highly due to the fact that the leaders of the team seem to think I am “good at getting on base” and have me the lead off kicker each game, but also because 9th Grader’s pitcher is able to put wicked spin on the ball, we scored the grand total of 0 runs in the first inning. See, Tyler and Matt are trying to teach me to place the ball (which is incredibly difficult to do) and in previous games my aim has been at third base. The only reason being it is as far away from first base as possible without demanding me to kick to the outfield and therefore difficult to make a play. Well, this strategy did not hold true this time because, as I mentioned above, their third baseman was out of this world good. Plus their first baseman could actually catch the ball, which didn’t help our cause in any way. So after my ground out, the next two kickers got out as well. Considering we were already down by two, this was not a great start to our self-proclaimed comeback night.

It didn’t get much better. The next inning, the 9th Graders scored 4 more and we scored 0 again. Making it 0-6. We made a slight upswing in the 4th with two runs scoring and because of the little confidence that grew, we were doing better on the field we well. We were making all-star, top 10 plays that may or may not be seen on ESPN tonight. We caught everything, which probably all sparked from Tobey cheering “Come on guys, catch everything!” (And her telling us that all Asians have big calves — but she can say that because she is Asian. I probably should not have repeated that here but it made us laugh our asses off and loosen up.) Here are the three top plays:

  • Luke jumping into the left field fence to make a miraculous snatch while the fence got the best of his head and his arm.
  • Kate throwing a ball to me at first. There was no way the ball was going to beat the runner so I “purposely missed the catch and batted it at the runner as she passed first base”. She was called out and I had not idea why because I really did just miss the catch. Apparently, by me missing, it hit her foot before she got to first.
  • A girl from the other team rocketed a ball over Rob’s head in right field as he “squeezed” the plate due to a girl kicking. #girlpower

After a few more runs from both teams throughout the fourth and fifth innings, the score was 5-8 going into the bottom of the sixth and last inning. We had no choice but to score as many runs as possible. We were in the meat of the lineup with plenty of playmakers to look forward to. After Eric hit a nice single, Matt drilled one over the fence for a ground rule double. With no outs and runners on second and third, I stepped to the plate to try to make it a closer game. With no such luck, I lined out to second base and diminished the hopes of bring this game within two runs. But no need to worry as Tyler was up next. As Tyler pounded the ball to the outfield, Eric and Matt both made their ways past home plate to give us two more runs. It legitimately felt like we had the chance to win this game. Luke kicked a single next advancing Tyler to third with Kate in the batters box and one out. With her kick to the infield and an overthrow to first base, Tyler was able to squeeze in from third to tie the game. Because of the overthrow, Kate aggressively tried to steal second but came up unsuccessful. With that, there were two outs and a runner on third.

Unfortunately, we never got that last run to win. But since our time limit was up, we ended with a tie. As if that meant something spectacular, our fans rushed the court. And by fans I mean both teams gave each other a absurd amount of high fives for our excitement and maturity throughout the entire game. So our current record has fallen to 2-1-1. But that didn’t stop us from heading to Libation after the game to enjoy some retro music and flip cup. And of course, a sweet, banana/Nutella crepe for the way home.

Praying for a better week on the courts…

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