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Sibling Rivalry

May 3, 2012

This post is dedicated to my brother, Zachary.

We are in a war, you and I. It started approximately 9 months ago when I moved here. People take sides, too. If you don’t choose a side, you’ll be shunned. It is that serious. And to be upfront, I am right.

You see, Chicagoan, I do not understand how you seem to be under the impression that Chicago offers better food than New York. Seriously, that’s what you think? And you’ve been here. Idiot. Well, my darling brother, I am writing this to tell you that you are wrong. You are so wrong, in fact, that I can pick one restaurant that will show up anything you have to offer from Chicago. 


Nestled in the heart of the East Village, I have not found anyone who has not fallen in love. Such a small place with such a big taste. I believe our very own sister’s direct quote was, “That is the best bite of food I have ever had in my life.” I would say that is a pretty bold statement. But true, oh so very true. And it doesn’t even matter what menu selection she said it about because it is all that good.


Photo from LeChicTravel

So dear brother, come back to New York so I can prove to you once and for all that New York City food far surpasses that of your “small town” Chicago style.


Your baby sister.

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  1. May 8, 2012 9:36 pm

    and just how could I choose sides??Gg choose between Chicago ( Papa’s home town ) and one of the sweetest gransons a girl ever had and New York the place that took one of the sweetest granddaughters a girl ever had away – I’m strong for Toledo!!


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