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Kick Ballin’ Thursday

April 20, 2012

Well, it is officially spring in this city! Considering the lack of winter in the entire United States, the transition has been quick and allergies have taken control. Besides alarming allergy attacks, there are two other very very important things that begin in April: both Baseball and Kickball seasons begin!! And since I do not play professional baseball, kickball is on the top of the list. (Please assume I play professional kickball because I pretend like I do.)

I signed up for kickball last September to meet new people in the city. I only knew one other person on the team (see above kicker) but throughout the season found myself building some fun relationships with everyone. (One of the girls I met is now my boss…!) And I quickly began to realize that while we didn’t look like the best team ever, we had a chance to win the ‘ship. A lot of the guys are super competitive. Even though the “no douche bag” rule was in full force throughout the season, they didn’t mind crossing the line a time or two as the girls stood back and waited for the games to resume. We finished the regular season at 4-2 and had the opportunity to play in the Play-Offs. It was set up as a single elimination bracket – essentially you keep playing until you lose.

We played all night. Yes, we actually won the Championship. Celebration. Gold Medals. Pictures with a fancy camera. Free drinks. Nothing had felt so good in a long time. GO MRS. ALBEE KICK BALLS! (That’s the name of our team — don’t ask because I really have no idea!!)

Hence my anticipation of the spring season. We have the same team plus a few additions. The team met up last night before the first game at Boss Tweeds in the Lower East Side to have a few beers and reminisce about last season before moving on. What a great bar! It was filled with fellow Kickballers and a few regulars, the bartenders are always delightful and funny. BUT the real party started on the courts.

WHAT AN INTENSE GAME! Right off the bat, the other team began making snide comments (telling our pitcher to “Roll It” before she even threw the first pitch simply because she was a girl – don’t worry, she pegged him later). Now, I usually do not judge others quickly but I just thought they were being a little immature. But, I digress. As the away team, we were kicking first. Captain goes first and flies out. Somehow I am second (what????). Base hit – or base kick! Next up hit a base hit as well. So here we are, one out and two on. With our home run king at the plate. Sure enough, he kicks a home run. Up an easy 3-0 after the first.

Now, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. This team was good, I could feel it. My emotions were teetering and I was running on pure adrenaline. No score after the second inning. But in the third, they began to take control. You could feel the momentum shift with the breeze that was settling in on the school parking lot/playground (yes, we play in a city parking lot, what would you expect?).  After a series of unfortunate events, they had two base runners and the line up showed nothing but men. We needed to focus. But instead, we errored up and two runs scored. Luckily we got the third out quickly. 3-2 after 3 innings.

The game rolled along quickly with 3 up, 3 downs in consecutive innings. And then the umpire announced that this was the last half of the inning. Since we were away, we were on the field. All we had to do was hold them.(Silent prayer to self for no errors.)And no errors happened. And as quickly as I thought we were going to lose, we won!!!! Starting the season off 1-0 feels magnificent.

So, I should note that Kickball, while incredibly challenging, is not the main reason we all gather on a weekly basis. No, instead we gather for the after party. Because whether celebration or depression ensues, we all need a drink in this city. The sponsor bar this year is Libation — another great bar in the LES (Lower East Side). Sleek lights and furnishings on all three floors – yup, 3 floors!!! So plenty of room to get rowdy (if wanted). The DJ played everything – Tom Petty mixed with Jay-Z and every mashup in between. We were singing, dancing, YMCA’ing the rest of the night in celebration of the first game. It feels good to be back!

If you think Kickball in the city is for you, check out NYC Social Sports Club. They have a lot of different sports to choose from, they are incredibly dedicated and are amazing at making things fun!

Oh, this city…Alex


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