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Girls Night Out

April 17, 2012

I’ve lived in this city for 8 months and, as of last week, I had yet to have a proper girls night. College was filled with girls nights, mostly because I lived with two girls so every night deserved the title. But, now that I live with a boy and have inherited his friends, I found good girlfriends hard to come by.

I didn’t realize how simple it was growing up to make friends – we are essentially forced into situations (high school, sports, college) that if you walk away without at least one good friend, you may need to reevaluate your life. I mean, come one, dorms are CRAWLING with people in your age range with the same interests as you (drinking). But moving to a new city post-college is a new story – even the largest city in the country.

Luckily, I have made good girlfriends. Don’t worry – I don’t think I need any self-evals…yet. It just took a little longer than expected. And for the first time this past weekend, we announced a girls night. In New York, this means No Boyfriends and High Heels. (To be clear, I have not worn high heels to anywhere but work – my style tends to be t-shirts and booties much to Josh’s dismay.)

The question that ensued was where to go?

If you have never been to NYC, then I should let you know that the sheer number of bars in this town is a little insane. You will find some sort of alcohol on ever block (not exaggerating). And there are so many neighborhoods on the island of Manhattan alone it’s hard to just say you want to go to one. But there was one that I had yet to visit, and, luckily for us, it is the trendiest and “clubb-iest” place on the island. It seemed to fit.

The Meatpacking District.

Sounds gross, right? And, yes, they really do pack a lot of meat in this area. But it has also turned into the hottest place in the city. This is what you think of when you hear “New York City Club”. So why the hell am I going there? For the expereince, DUH!

And it was worth it. After almost a bottle of vodka at my apartment, my two friends and I cabbed it to the West Side – snuggled rigth between Chelsea and TriBeCa and stepped out onto the cobble-stoned streets of Meatpacking. It was early – 10:30 pm – for a Friday night. I was pretty much ready for bed. But we found our first destination at The Gansevoort Hotel Penthouse. (We even got to press the PH button.) We waited in line for the total of 15 minutes. There was a large group of men in front of us – they didn’t get in. We breezed passed in our heels and not-so-slutty-black-jeans and headed upstairs…to a shitload of foreigners. I’m not sure there was a New Yorker (or American) in this place. I heard a lot of French (thank you Madame Bunck) and countless other languages. There wasn’t much dancing going on either. A few older women trying to “jig” which made us feel like babies. We may have been. Coming in a 23 and dacing with 87 year old men was not our idea for the night. We scooted.

On to The Griffin. Minus the fact that one of my friends serious tripped on the cobblestone, the walk was quick. The bouncer saw the trip and probably thought we were drunk idiots – which we would be later. After evaluating our “looks”, he grabbed the hostess for a second evaluation. (Seriously.) We got in. Close one. We walked in to no one. After a $10 cover. I laughed out loud. But I was also amazing by the room!

SERIOUSLY! We decided to order a drink and wait to see if it got busy. (2 rounds = $100…be careful!) But after those two round we turned around to a full room. Imagine that. And we didn’t pay for a drink the rest of the night. (Isn’t that the point of a girls night? To save money??) We were invited from table to table and champaigne was poured in our glasses by waitresses every time we were low. The couches were definitely danced on. Music was played. The bathrooms were equally amazing. And we were there until 2:30 am. I would say a success. (Except for my boyfriend and his two guy friends who tried to get in and were denied — but it was a girls night anyways!!)


Oh, it was a blast. Many more girls nights to come – in other areas of the city!



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