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And May the Odds…

March 23, 2012

When I used to come to New York to visit Josh, I thought people must be crazy to go to movies with all of these amazing and wonderful experiences to be had. “Why in the world are there so many movie theaters in this city?” I would ask myself as I passed dozens in one weekend. Now that I live here, however, I find that going to a movie every once in a while makes me feel at home. After all, that was the hottest date spot/hang out/pre-teen gossip/better not get left out place ever.

And they go because The Hunger Games. Believe it or not, New Yorkers are just like everyone else. They LOVE the Hunger Games and how sad would it be if the rest of the world saw it and they didn’t. (Special: if you have not read the books because of whatever reason, get over it and read them. They are not what you are expecting – nothing like Twilight or Harry Potter.)

So I read the trilogy is 6 days. I love reading and I do it often, but not since Jodi Picoult’s Nineteen Minutes have I been so stressed about words on paper. Was Prim going to the Reaping? Was Katniss going to survive even though I really think she is a little selfish? (Aren’t we all a little selfish?) Peeta or Gale?! Of course I have to see this movie!!

So there I found myself, sitting at my desk at work discussing with my co-workers the plan for March 23rd (this was three weeks ago!!). We bought our IMAX $18.00 tickets and began planning Happy Hour and dinner for before the movie. The odds were in our favor.

Until an unexpected emergency came up. Two weeks ago my grandpa had a massive heart attack that left him brain dead and on a ventilator. There was no way of telling how long he would hold on. Well, he passed on Saturday, March 17th. I booked a flight home as soon as I found out when the funeral was to be held. Meaning my flight takes off at 5:00pm tonight, hours before The Hunger Games.

Now you probably think I am so selfish to even pity myself for missing The Hunger Games. And you are right, I am. But we all are and I try my best every day not to be. I’m just being honest with you here. But let me tell you, I have a Savior who loves me very much. He decided to let me have both.

I began a volunteer assignment yesterday (more about that another time). The girls who I met were very, very nice. And they, obviously, loved The Hunger Games as well. They were a little more edgy than me though as they had tickets to the midnight showing.

My un-witty response: “What!? Jealous!!…Wait, what do you mean you have an extra ticket?… Wait, wait, wait, seriously?… I can come?… Tonight?… At 12:01am?”

They all looked at me saying yes, yes, please come. But first, answer one question. The words weren’t even out of their mouth…

“Team Peeta.” (Silent cheers, I know.)

And I was off to see the games. Just like that. Plus made new friends.

About the AMC Loews Movie Theater in Kips Bay, Manhattan: all of the theaters were reserved for Hunger Games guests. The line moved so quickly as they tried to pack everyone in efficiently. 7 of us sat together in awesome seats. Props to them!

About the crowd: Normal. People who love to read. No one dressed up because that is not really how these movie followers are. (Well, I have on gold eye shadow for Cinna but that is beside the point.)

About the movie: There are subtle changes that I’m OK with (not great with). If you read the books a while ago, you won’t notice. Very good depiction of the book but I wanted a little more creativity, especially in the Capitol. But it met my expectations and as usual, the book is better!

Now, flying home to see my wonderful family! Happy Hunger Games!

Oh, this city…Alex


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